Some of the hunting stays include activities. These are selected as the clear ‘must sees’ e.g. Sundowner on the mountain in our Big 5 area as well as the opportunity, both morning and evening, to experience the Big 5 on wildlife drive safari in our own private part of the world famous Kruger National Park – the activity also applies to possible escorts.
It is included in all our hunting stays that a companion can join the hunt; whether it is the spouse, offspring or mother-in-law is up to you, but we actually believe that hunting experiences in this environment – magnificent as they are – should be shared. Thus, our hunting stay is made to unite family holidays and hunting, which is why, as said, there is an endless range of activities in addition to hunting.


We offer Big 5 safaris in our private 10,000 hectare area in Balule Nature Reserve – Maseke. The tour takes place either early morning or starting in the afternoon. Our experienced guides will drive you around to spot as many iconic animals as possible in the area.

Remember to bring a camera so you can catch the beautiful animals along the way.

Duration approx. 2-2 1/2 hours.

Price per person 225, – DKK


Late afternoon there is a departure towards our beautiful ‘spot’, which is located with unique views of our reserve. Snacks and bubbles are served as the sunset is taken over by the starry sky of the impressive southern hemisphere. The sounds are quite unique when darkness has subsided and on the way back to the lodge there is night drive where the guide lights up after “eyes in the night”.

Duration about 3 hours.

Price per person 300, – DKK

Bush Braai

In the afternoon, there is a departure from the area’s most beautiful vantage post, where champagne and snacks are served as the sun sets. A real bush braai is cooked over the fire, while the nocturnal animals begin to call, howl and make noise nearby. On the way back there is night drive.

Duration approximately 3 – 4 hours

Price per person 400, – DKK

Night drive

After dinner, it is possible to get out and spot after the nocturnal animals. The senses come to work when darkness has fallen on and it is only in the glow of the lamps that the animals are perceived. Giraffes that are suddenly half as tall, elephants quietly dreaming behind the trees or the lions that are hunting. Maybe the warthog that screams and trunds off with a leopard in its heels – the sounds are absolutely magical, and you get a clear experience that the bush never sleeps.

Duration approx. 1 1/2 – 2 hours

Price per person 150, – DKK

ATV in the Big 5

We offer in our Big 5 area ATV driving for those who have gasoline in their blood. An exciting trip with speed in the wild – you may be lucky enough to spot the animals along the way – there are experienced instructors with them throughout the trip. Children between 6 and 12 years old can sit on the back of a parent for 1/2 price.

Duration approximately 4 hours.

Price per person 650, – DKK

Dance show

A local dance troupe visits the lodge, the dance troupe is formed to help orphans. The children participate as far as they can, but the main forces are adults who pass the profits on to the project. The dance is traditional African and an experience with drums and rhythm worth taking with you.

Duration about 1/2 – 1 hour.

Price per person 250,- DKK

Olifants River and picnic in bushen

Early morning there is a departure towards the famous Olifants River, where on the way down you spot the wild animals in the area – at a selected spot, a stop is made and breakfast is served on real bushmans. By the river you may be lucky enough to experience crocodiles, hippos and of course the elephants that have made their name to the river.

Duration about 5 hours.

Price per person 300, – DKK

A night in bushen

If you are going to experience the ultimate outdoor life and spend the night between the wild animals, then there is an overnight stay at the reserve's most beautiful spot and obvious opportunity. We start with wildlife drive, sundowner and bush braai before getting ready for accommodation in our specially designed shelter at the top of the mountain. Hear the lions roar, the calling of the hyenas and the many nocturnal animals sneaking by. Early morning there is coffee and shake before returning for breakfast.
Weighed about 4pm until the next morning at 8am.

Price per person 1,200, – DKK

Jessica and Reptile Park

The tame hippopotamus Jessica is hand-fed and patted. Spiders, snakes, and reptiles are inspected on this tour of the two attractions near Hoedspruit.

Duration approximately 5 – 6 hours

Price per person 750, – DKK

Drakensmountains/Blyde River Canyon

Full-day tour of the beautiful mountains, located just over a 2 hour drive from the lodge. The mountains are about 2000 meters high with deep canyons and we follow a piece of the famous Panorama Route along the 60 km long Blyde River Canyon. Lunch is included and consumed at an eatery in the mountains.

Duration – full-day tour.

Price per person 800, – DKK

Boat safari with dinner

Mid afternoon there is wildlife drive through our reserve and along the ‘elephants’ ‘bathhouse’ Olifants River, where we arrive at the boat. The walk on the river takes about 3 hours and ends with dinner. Returning to the lodge, it stands on the night drive through the dark bush, where the senses have to go to work to spot the nocturnal animals in the groin cone.

Duration approximately 5 – 6 hours

Price per person 550, – DKK

Village visit

We are visiting an organisation that focuses on the black farm workers and their conditions. A women’s clinic, a sewing project, a second-hand shop and a spice garden are visited, where there are tastings of fresh herb drinks. The tour continues out to a local village where stops are made at a local crèche, a traditional medicine man, and tasting traditional home-brewed beer. The tour is a full day tour and including lunch.

Duration – full-day tour.

Price per person 975, – DKK

Balloon safari

Balloon safari is on many people’s wish list and there is no doubt that overlooking the fantastic Drake Mountains, the flamboyant orchards, farms and animals will have a unique
experience. The tour takes place early morning to bring the sunrise – after the tour, bubbles and snacks are served, as well as breakfast at a local eatery. The trip is weather dependent
and the balloon skipper does not assess until the evening before whether the weather allows balloon flying.

Duration approximately 3 – 4 hours

Price per person 1650, – DKK


Golf with the wild animals as spectators is achieved at the legendary Hans Merensky golf center – on the green can be spotted both giraffes, impalas and warthogs, by the lake there are crocodiles and hippos – so an experience that is very special if you want to nurture your golf interest.

Duration approx. 4 – 5 hours

Price per person 350, – DKK


If you or your fellow travelers need massage during your stay, it can be arranged. Importantly, however, you book well in advance to make sure that the masseur can pass by the lodge on the agreed day.

Duration approximately 1 hour

Prices from 500th- depending on the type of massage and duration.

Fishing trip to Olifants River

Even if you start out early with wildlife drive through our amazing area, the sweater is probably not necessary to ‘take’ out and fish’. We drive a long way along olifants river, where
later we will go out and try to hook either an ordinary catfish/catfish, tilapia, yellow fish or a carp. Your experienced fishing guide/skipper has fishing equipment on the boat and before
you sail out on olifants river, there is coffee and rough.

On the boat trip you may be lucky enough to spot both the Big 5 along the riverbank, but also crocodiles, hippos as well as an always rich bird life. The catch always depends on the season and classic angler accident. There is brunch when you disembark after about 3 1/2 hours of fishing and relaxation, after which you will be driven back to Lamai Safari through our Big 5 area.

Duration approximately 5 – 6 hours

Price per person 550, – DKK

Full-day tour of the public part of Kruger National Park

Early morning, head for the public section of Kruger National Park. There is also the opportunity to see the Big 5. Sandwiches and a snack are included. Stop at one of the rest camps, where souvenirs can be purchased and further victualled if desired – remember binoculars and camera.

Duration – Full-Day Tour

Price per person 975, – DKK


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