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Weather South Africa

Spring: From September to November is one of the most beautiful seasons with spring spring spring, the animals become more active than in winter and the bush becomes greener. The large flocks of birds migrate to breed and November is quite unique in terms of experiencing the beautiful birds. Most often there will be little rain, however, during this period we hope to get water to ensure that everything is greened, the temperature is at 22-27°C per day.

Summer: Summer goes from December to February and this is where you may be lucky enough to experience the many small baby animals, there is often sun and daytime temperatures of 27-28°C. The lush landscape can make it harder to see the animals, however, the animals are more active which ensures that they also get out more from the thick bush. The warm summer weather combined means that during the summer we get heavy rains with thunder and lightning, these are usually short-lived in the afternoon and evening.

Autumn: I south African autumn from March through May, there is still a beautiful temperature, many hours of sun and animals that more often get past the watering holes, since the small lakes have dried out. The colors of the leaves change and fall in the last autumn of, which in turn makes the animals easier spots. Temperatures between 22-27 °C and the number of rainy days are getting smaller.

Winter: From June to August, the leaves have withered and the grass that used to be high has withered. The density of the bush makes it easier for you to spot animals inside the bush and the animals come to the known watering holes to drink. The day temperature is between 19-22 ° C, but in our area, there is also temperature of against the 28 ° C per day.
Our area is located in one of the warmest areas in South Africa, which means that even in the “cold winter” there is warmer than in the rest of the country. We recommend hunting from
March to October, a period of no or little hunting, making the animals peace for their fry care.
Safari can be experienced throughout the year.

COVID-19 Pandemic

You should feel that it is safe when you travel down to us, therefore we have introduced an extended security guarantee. If you have booked or are considering booking a stay but are unsure about the pandemic or anything else – and therefore want to cancel – then you will get all your money back within 7 days – you can also choose to move your stay to another time, at no extra cost. You do not need cancellation insurance or a medical certificate to cancel or move your stay. Until 31 December 2021, you will only be charged 20% of the price of the stay against the normal 50% deposit when you book your hunting stay.
Extended Security Guarantee: Applies to all journeys booked between April 1 and December 31, 2021. Applies as long as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel advice is red or orange.
Applies to the transfer of the stay right up to the departure from Denmark.Valid until 31 December 2021 – pay only 20% of the price of the stay in deposit.

We recommend that you only book flights directly with the airline, as well as ensure that it is possible to get a refund or move the trip.


Before you travel to South Africa, we recommend contacting your doctor about vaccinations. You must bring vaccination cards on the journey so that you can present it to the authorities if they ask about this at the time of entry. Likewise, we recommend that you read the latest recommendations here: Safe travel/vaccination


We have in all cabins/rooms mosquito nets over the beds. We spray our lodges regularly for insects, especially after rain where mosquitoes more often occur. The mosquitoes are active when the sun goes down and the temperature drops. Therefore, the shirt and trousers can be optimal in the evening. There is mosquito spray for the room and mosquito spray can be purchased for the body in our reception. As our areas are close to Kruger National Park, malaria may occur – we therefore recommend that you contact your doctor for further information on malaria prevention.


When entering South Africa, you get a tourist visa, therefore it is not necessary to apply for this before. You must have a passport valid for at minimum 6 months after the return date from South Africa, in addition to there must also be 2 blank pages.
See current entry conditions to South Africa and information on COVID-19 here: Travel advice South Africa


In South Africa, the local currency is Rand – it is abbreviated R or ZAR. Most places can be paid for with VISA, however, our recommendation is that you change to local currency before departure and bring any souvenirs or tips. (However, tips can also be settled on final settlement)


We recommend all our guests to have control over their travel insurance and cancellation insurance before departure. Check with your current insurance company if you are covered when you travel to South Africa, which can be taken out in most companies an additional insurance policy if you do not have it included in your current one. Please note that the yellow health insurance card does not cover abroad. It is important that you have control over how you are insured when hunting in South Africa, as the statutory liability insurance associated with your hunting license does not cover in South Africa.
We recommend that you contact: European Travel Insurance for further guidance.

Children under the age of 18

Hunting, South Africa and children can easily be combined. Children can participate in hunting with one parent and hunting licenses are not required in South Africa to kill wildlife; if you are required to shoot the rifle in/conduct a shooting test before the hunt, it is a good idea that you have been to a shooting range before. In addition to hunting with children, there is ample opportunity to participate in many of the exciting activities that are in our immediate area.


Our packages and stays are not included flights. This as our guests often have special preferences regarding departure airport, seat on the plane, arrival and departure day, etc. – therefore we have chosen to make ourselves available with advice and guidance in searching for the best flights for our guests, so that the stay is adapted to the specific wishes and preferences that everyone may have.
We recommend that our guests search on: MOMONDO in relation to prices on flights, but book directly with the airline. If desired, day flights to South Africa can be requested and hotel stays in Johannesburg can be booked on arrival, so you have an overnight stay before the last stretch to the hunting area. We’re happy to help.

Time difference

Since we in Denmark are at the same latitude as South Africa there is no time difference, however, they do not have summer/wintertime, which means that during our winter time they are an hour further ahead than us.


There is WIFI in the main areas of our lodges – remember we are out in the middle of the bush, which means that the grid is not always 100% stable. It’s a good idea to contact family and friends over the web when you’re in South Africa, as regular telephony is usually very expensive, you can check with your telecommunications company what the price is, otherwise we suggest Messenger, FaceTime, Teams, Zoom and text/image sharing via WhatsApp.


There is in all accommodations an adapter for European plugs, you want extra plugs they can be rented during your stay.


Our staff speaks as the 2nd language English – they are adept at communicating and ensure that you get all the information with you when you are hunting or on safari, we are most often also represented in South Africa and when ordering you can ensure that there is a Danish speaker present on the ticket.

Drinking water

We have in our accommodations our own water wells, therefore the water coming out of the tap can be drunk.

Nearby cities

The nearest town is Phalaborwa, which you can victualling if you have chosen to drive yourself. In Phalaborwa there is a gate to the public part of Kruger National Park. Hoedspruit is a very popular tourist town and is only 55 km from the lodge. There are both shopping malls and a large selection of souvenirs.


If you have chosen to drive yourself, there are the following eateries close to Phuti Lodge:

Lamai Safari 5 km
Three Bridges 15 km
The Bushveld Terrace 24 km.


In the area of Phalaborwa and Hoedspruit, crime is low, and you can travel in these cities – however, there are areas that should be avoided near Johannesburg where we recommend that you only go on guided tours. If you intend to visit a local village, our recommendation is also that you make sure that there is a guide with you. There are in South Africa, as in other countries, areas to avoid visiting or where knowledge of the area is a must – of course we are available with guidance if you are or want to go out on your own.

Food from South Africa

Please note below if you intend to bring food home from South Africa: The EU has adopted strict rules on the import of food from third countries – including imports by private individuals from South Africa. This is because animal products can contain infection with diseases that can spread to our livestock or humans. Similarly, there are provisions on the
circulation of animal products in the event of outbreaks of infectious animal diseases in EU countries.

The authorities therefore have a strong and increased focus on the risk of infection, and in the future, there will be increased controls on non-commercial imports and higher fines for infringements in this area.
Read more here to make sure you do not break the rules: The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.


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