Hunting license course

Dear Hunting License Students / New Hunter or Young Hunter

Course dates: Coming as soon as we open for travel to South Africa… we are keeping our fingers crossed so that we can offer the course in autumn 2021. In 2021, you will be able to
sign up for the hunting test on an ongoing basis, possibly when you come home after a hunting course in South Africa, or by participating in one of the courses organized by Claus Engelbrecht in Denmark from: WWW.WEDOHUNTERS.DK

We see a great advantage in combining hunting, safari and at the same time taking a hunting license course in fantastic surroundings and therefore we offer in collaboration with Claus Engelbrecht that you can take an intensive hunting license course in South Africa, while enjoying the bush, nature and getting some amazing experiences on top of that. It does not require hunting licenses to hunt in South Africa only shooting skills, which are also trained – therefore it is also possible to go hunting when during the week you have breaks in the course.
This intensive hunting license course runs over 4 course days. 3 days of theory and 2 half days of mandatory weapons training.

The course week may be combined with a safari / and or family trip where safaris can be offered in our private 10,000 ha Big 5 area that is part of Kruger National Park, and other of the tours that take place in our own or in our immediate area – see more here: Activities. An extra week can be purchased at Phuti with the family or a stay in our Big 5 area.

Please note that you cannot go up to the hunting test yourself until you return to Denmark.

7. Jagttegnskursus WEDOHUNT

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